Williamson2040 Moves Forward

The county is excited to continue moving forward in the Williamson2040 planning process and is pleased with the amount of public participation and efforts to date. As the process continues, the county would like to update the community on the current state of the plan and what to expect in the future.

The consultant team and county staff have been working hard to bring together all the elements to soon begin drafting the plan document. Currently the consultants and county are working together to create several land use/development scenarios that the county could anticipate. These scenarios are based on specific criteria including the character of the county, land suitability, and traffic and fiscal impacts. Additional analysis includes evaluating zoning, housing types, traffic data, and capital and operating costs. These elements will help to develop the land use/development scenarios. The team looks forward to sharing the findings with the public!

In the meantime, the Land Use Preference Survey results from the public workshop and online engagement have been posted for public view. The survey received over 500 responses and the results can be viewed here.

Continue to check the Williamson2040 website to be informed of upcoming events and engagement opportunities!

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  1. I would very much like to be a part of this Consultant Team and any other future sessions. I’m a Franklin resident and developer and passionate about smart growth. I’ve done 3 – 5 acre estate projects in WILCO and live in one myself. I’ve got a lot to offer based on my knowledge of these types of projects. What works and what doesn’t.

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