Map Exercises from Public Meeting #1

Meeting Participation

On April 15, Williamson County held a Public Workshop to gather input on future land use preferences in the unincorporated areas of the county.  The workshop included the following map exercises. All participant maps were scanned and uploaded below.

If you were unable to participate at the meeting, click here to complete the interactive map online.

Exercise 1

The first map exercise asked participants to identify areas of strengths and areas of opportunity within Williamson County. The results are below. Click here to see the maps on the full screen.

Exercise 2

The second map exercise asked participants to place dots that represent specific land uses on the map in areas they wish to see that use. An abbreviated legend for the dot colors are below and a detailed explanation can be found at this link.

Blue= Natural Resource
Light Blue= Agriculture
Dark Green= Rural Frontage
Neon Green= Single Family Estate
Yellow= Single Family
Orange= Open Space Subdivision
Purple= Single Family Suburban
Red= Hamlet
Black= Village

Group maps from the meeting are shown below. Click here to see the maps on the full screen.