Complete the Second Survey!

Take the Survey!

The second survey for the Comprehensive Plan Update has been released! Review the statements that were drafted based on review of current Comprehensive Plan policies as well as the public comment and discussion that has taken place during this recent planning process. Navigate to the “Engage” tab to find the survey.

2 thoughts on “Complete the Second Survey!”

  1. I have lived here over 75 years….one of my concerns is allowing people to build in flood prone areas…. I know flooding is not often, but please make sure when something is built that rain water has a place to be collected in the soil or river, it will be to late to prepare if not done before all the buildings and roads are built. My other concern is traffic…….

  2. Urgent need to mitigate traffic on Old Natchez and Moran Road ..further these road are not state highways like Hillsboro Road. Before any development to be approved Traffic plan for Hillsboro needs to be activated…Growth for the sake of growth. Is not smart growth…. thank you for proper consideration..

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